How Many Quacks till Christmas?




How Many Quacks Till Christmas?

How Many Quacks Till Christmas?











How Many Quacks Till Christmas?

Mark Sperring

Ed Eaves

Bloomsbury, 2017

32pp., pbk., RRP $A14.99


It’s nearly Christmas on Merry Farm and the animals are getting excited.  As Puppy prances around the farm,  he is asked by all the animals how long they have to wait. The piglets, lambs, foals, calves, even the ducks are all asking…

‘How many quacks till Christmas?’
the ducklings want to know.

‘How many quacks till Christmas?’
and ‘Quack, will there be snow?’

Does Puppy have the answer?  Is it a lot of oinks, baas, neighs, moos and quacks  or not so many? Who knows?  Aha! Mr Cockerel does!

With its bold, bright illustrations, rhyming text and a familiar storyline of waiting till the BIG day, this is a delightful story for young readers that they will relate to.  Perfect for the Christmas Countdown, they can start their own calendar of sleeps which in turn, can help them begin to understand that elusive concept of time!And if their calendar comprises a story a night, even better!


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