I can read

Look at me!


I can read!


And when I read I can be


an archaeologist exploring centuries past

a burglar stealing precious jewels

a cook concocting delicious meals

a detective solving a puzzling crime

an elephant tricking my friends

a footballer scoring the winning goal

a ghost floating down the stairs

a hobbit with a magic ring

an inventor making slimy goop

a juror sitting in the courtroom

a kookaburra laughing at the world

a lighthouse keeper looking for lunch

a magician making magic

a nomad wandering through the desert

an octopus guarding treasures of the deep

a pirate sailing the ocean blue

a queen sitting on her throne

a rabbit running very late

a sailor battling stormy seas

a traveller visiting far-off places

an umbrella carrying Mary Poppins

a vampire sucking someone’s blood

a wizard weaving wonder

an xtra in an adventure movie

a yacht racing the wind and waves

a zoologist discovering a new species


I am so lucky!


I can read!


Barbara Braxton
Creative Commons License
I can read by Barbara Braxton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

This means you may copy this work for use at home in or in the classroom. It may be modified if students can think of other characters that reading allows them to be, and/or illustrate it. If you share this work, either as is or modified, then there needs to be a similar CC licence attached to it.

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