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All The Way Home




All The Way Home

All The Way Home











All The Way Home

Debi Gliori

Bloomsbury, 2017

32pp., hbk., RRP $A19.99


Father Penguin has a secret, one that Mother Penguin can never know but which he tells Little One…

When penguin eggs are laid, the mothers go out to sea fishing leaving the fathers to huddle together to keep the eggs warmed balanced on their feet.  But they don’t eat and Father Penguin was very hungry.  He had had nothing to eat at all  – not a thing – and so he gradually makes his way to the outside of the Dad Huddle when suddenly a huge gust of Antarctic wind plucks him and his precious egg off the ice…

And the adventure begins.  Faced with a foreign environment, unfriendly creatures and a desperation to be home before Mother Penguin discovers him gone, he is beginning to get very worried.  Then help arrives from an unexpected source,  the Special Air Navigation Transport Authority …

Debi Gliori always tells a fine tale and illustrates it beautifully in a style that is so appealing to young readers and this one is no different.  Littlies will love being in on Father Penguin’s secret -there is nothing like feeling you are a special confidante – and they will have fun speculating whether Baby can keep the secret.  After all, he does tell his mum that they have had an adventure and brave Daddy flew them home. And everyone knows penguins can’t fly!! Did it really happen or is Father Penguin just a really good storyteller?

Something a little different for the Christmas Countdown but completely charming.