Saturday is Pancake Day

Saturday is Pancake Day

Saturday is Pancake Day











Saturday is Pancake Day

Bernadette Green

Daniel Gray-Barnett

Scribble, 2024

32pp., hbk., RRP $A24.99


Saturday is pancake day when Papa Milo makes his famous pancakes and everyone gathers round for a delicious breakfast.  But, strangely, today Dada Henry doesn’t want to get out of bed to join them.  

Determined to tempt him down Gwendolyn, Lily and Lena raid the pantry to concoct something new and more appealing, coming up with some special pancakes like ‘Good Morning Green Ice Cream’ made with pickles, spinach, and mayonnaise as well as a scoop of ice cream for sweetness, but Dada Henry just pulled the covers up further.  IS there any combination that will persuade him to get out of bed? Is it that he is not hungry or is there another reason?

Despite the fun and silliness of creating the weirdest flavour combinations, there is a serious side to this story as young readers might speculate on why Dada Henry is finding it hard to get out of bed. Astute readers may see that there is no Mama or Nana in the story, so perhaps today is a special day of memories for Dada Henry or they may bring their own experiences to the fore and suggest other reasons.  Whatever the reason, the common thread is the love in the family and how they are all willing to pull together to make sure that Dada Henry is okay.

A gentle reminder that sometimes even grown-ups need some time to themselves to regather and regroup. 



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