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Phil Cummings

Sally Soweol Han

A & U Children, 2024

34pp., hbk., RRP $A24.99


Take the time, a moment or two

To ponder what lies in front of you

And… breathe,  Yes, breathe.

There is an old saying about taking only photographs and leaving only footprints, that could be summed up by this beautiful book as the reader joins a hiker on a walk that begins by taking a track through the forest, experiencing, acknowledging and appreciating the wonders of nature journeying further and further through nature’s diverse landscapes, even stepping into new lands and biomes. And as they go, they are encouraged to absorb and appreciate what they are seeing, and, at the same time, acknowledge that humans have not always been kind to the natural world so they must consider how they, themselves, will move forward in a responsible way.

There is no stopping tomorrow, today.

On you go to find a way .Because

You carry hope and future need.

With careful footprint, plant the seed…

With the modern curriculum’s focus on the environment and its sustainability, today’s child is very aware of the precarious predicament of the world around them, and although they know they must touch it lightly, sometimes the task can be overwhelming.  How can one person make a difference, especially a little one like them?  

With its beautiful illustrations and gentle, lyrical text, this is a discussion starter that can lead to individual actions particularly in their relationship with their environment.  While no one particular pathway such as reducing plastic use or maintaining a bee-friendly garden is suggested, nevertheless children will have been exposed to those sorts of ideas and can choose their own path to walk. And though the pathway may be difficult or sad at times, finding ways around and over the obstacles is part of the journey which must go ever onward. There is hope for a future and they can plant the seeds of theirs now, a concept consolidated by the author talking directly to the reader., making the message personal. Teachers’ notes focusing on the choice and use of the language are available and, in this case, draw out a deeper understanding of the intent and purpose of the book as a while.