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Pippa and the Troublesome Twins

Pippa and the Troublesome Twins

Pippa and the Troublesome Twins











Pippa and the Troublesome Twins

Dimity Powell

Andrew Plant

Ford Street, 2023

32pp., pbk., RRP $A17.98


Pippa loves her new twin baby brothers, Pepi and Penn. But their constant mess and cries for attention are driving her batty and she  yearns to take off on her own to the Too-far-to-fly-to Forest but each time she asks about flying to the Too-far-to-fly-to Forest, her parents are always too busy attending to the babies.  Instead, they have left her to babysit the twins while they go off to find food.

Pippa has always been an adventurous bird even though her parents found it hard to let her be independent, but now they have given her the responsibility of looking after her brothers, she has to show that she is worthy of their trust. 

Like its predecessor, this story has themes that will resonate with many readers who have to come to terms with there being new babies in the family and the disruption to everyone’s routines that this causes.  But although this might seem to be just for younger readers, the excellent teaching notes that embrace all strands of the curriculum expand some of the themes for more mature readers too.  So while little ones can compare the arrival of the cat to the concept of “stranger danger”, older readers might investigate why birds can fly but humans can’t, or use their own experience to compare the pros and cons of being an only child to that of having siblings. Even more mature readers might like to investigate how picture books like this are used to address the issues that younger children face and then compare that to how their own issues are addressed in contemporary realistic fiction and why there is such a change of approach. 

Whichever level the reader is at, this is an entertaining story that deserves its place in the library’s collection.