Little Owl’s New Friend

Little Owl's New Friend

Little Owl’s New Friend











Little Owl’s New Friend

Debi Gliori

Alison Brown

Bloomsbury, 2022

32pp., pbk., RRP $A14.99


Little Owl is back in another story for littlies but this time instead of waiting anxiously for a new sibling; being concerned about starting preschool  or looking for any reason not to stop his game and have a bath , or trying to avoid going to bed. Little Owl is introduced to a new friend in the middle of his game with Hedge.  But this new friend talks so much and tries so hard, that Little Owl doesn’t want to be friends until… 

Over the last few years, Little Owl has become a favourite with our youngest readers as his adventures and concerns mirror their own so closely, and this new one is no exception.  They will all remember a time when a third party to a game becomes a third wheel.   And as always, wise Mummy Owl is there to help without intruding and taking over., knowing that Little Owl has to work these things out for himself. Alison Brown’s illustrations capture the author’s text perfectly making the characters very endearing while having enough detail for the young reader to work out what’s happening even if they can’t manage all the words yet. 

A series worth collecting for your little ones. 


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