The Lighthouse Keeper’s Christmas

The Lighthouse Keeper's Christmas

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Christmas










The Lighthouse Keeper’s Christmas

Ronda and David Armitage

Scholastic, 2002



It’s Christmas and it is Mr Grinling’s last days as the lighthouse keeper before he retires.  His young, great-nephew George has come to share the time with them and he is thrilled when Mrs Grinling suggests that they spend Christmas in the lighthouse.  Both George and Mr Grinling write to Santa to let him know where they will be (no boring fluffy slippers for Mr G please) and then on Christmas Eve they set out in the dinghy for the lighthouse for the last time.  They clean and polish and polish and clean and when at last the lighthouse is shining like a new pin, they sit down for a splendiferous lunch in the wintry sunshine.  Afterwards they decorate the Christmas tree  and they are so engrossed that they don’t notice the darkening sky and the storm brewing.  It’s too late to get home to dry land and George is very concerned.  But between them, Mr and Mrs Grinling (who always has good ideas) solve the problems and they all have the best Christmas ever.

It’s been many, many years since I met Mr and Mrs Grinling through The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch  and fell in love with them and all the fun things I could do with this series of books.  This story is no different.  Full of problems to solve (before Mrs Grinling does), the charm of the story and bright pictures created by this husband and wife team The Lighthouse Keeper’s Christmas is a mix of traditional Christmas things with the added bonus of being embedded in a quality tale. 

One of my favourites.

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