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The Wild Christmas Reindeer

The WIld Christmas Reindeer

The WIld Christmas Reindeer











The Wild Christmas Reindeer

Jan Brett

Paperstar, 1990

32pp., pbk.,



High up in the snowy Arctic Santa has asked little Teeka to train the reindeer for his all-important once-a-year ride.  Teeka is excited but also a little apprehensive because it is such an important role, so she decided she needed to show them who was boss.  Heading out onto the tundra where the reindeer have been roaming free since the last all-night trip, she finds Bramble and Heather, Windswept and Lichen, Snowball, Crag, Twilight and Tundra.  She shouts at them to move and while they are startled by her loud voice, nevertheless they allow her to herd them back to the stable at Winterfarm. 

But Teeka does not know or understand reindeer behaviour and her methods make them upset and restless.  While they let her groom them, she has little success getting them ready for the sleigh and eventually disaster strikes when Lichen literally locks horns with Crag.  Clearly a new approach is needed..

This story repeatedly appears in “favourite Christmas stories” lists and the fact that it has been available in a variety of formats continuously since 1990 is testament to this. The well-told tale that has a gentle but relevant message about how we can get the best from animals and people is perfect for sharing with all ages as we start to think about the preparations being made so our children can have a special day.

Jan Brett is a master illustrator and typically there is another story being told in the side panels of each page that is just as enchanting. Starting on December 1, there is a countdown of what’s happening in THE workshop in the Christmas countdown right through to that magical night. 

A search for the title will bring results covering videos, activities, lesson plans and a host of other support materials to put this book on your Christmas Countdown.

A peek inside...

A peek inside…