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The Christmas Book

The Christmas Book

The Christmas Book







The Christmas Book

Dick Bruna

Hardie Grant Egmont, 2011

hbk, RRP $19.95


This re-issue of the 1964 original by Dick Bruna (of Miffy fame) tells the story of the Nativity in a simple, uncomplicated way that ensures children learn about the events that underpin this important celebration and help them understand that there is more to it than a fat man in a red suit and bulging stockings.

This is my all-time favourite Christmas book sparking one of the most enduring activities that I did with the re-telling of the Christmas story.  Inspired by Bruna’s signature illustrations of simple lines and colour blocks, students would cut out silhouette shapes of the characters, paste them onto bright sheets of paper and as a class we would reconstruct and retell the story of the story behind the celebrations.

There were few children in my teaching career who were not exposed to this book and it’s great to know that it is on the market again.  If it is not in your collection, it should be.

A peek inside...

A peek inside…