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The Healthy Harvest

The Healthy Harvest

The Healthy Harvest










The Healthy Harvest

Emma Martin

Graeme Compton

Little Steps Publishing, 2014

pbk., 30pp., RRP $A14.95


Meet Harry Harvester who wants to help our very youngest readers learn about the food they buy in the shops so they can learn about the five food groups and make healthy choices and “keep sickness away.”  His friend Alfie Apple introduces fruit – where it grows,  how much we need each day and why it’s good for us – while Carly Carrot does the same for vegetables.  Charlie Cheese tells us about dairy products and Harry’s best friend Wally Wheat introduces grains and cereals.  Sammy Salmon has the big job of teaching about proteins in all their guises and finally there is Tommy Takeaway with a message about the “sometimes foods”.   

With childhood obesity on the rise and a recent survey in the ACT showing that over 80% of all food advertising aimed at children is for those “sometimes foods” the message about healthy eating has never been more important.  While it is not the children of the target age range who buy the food, they do have “pester power” so encapsulating such an important message in rhyme and with fun characters who could become household names this is an important book to have and promote both to teachers and students.  It could form the core component of a unit of work on healthy eating as well as an investigation about where our food comes from. Eggs don’t magically grow in cartons in the supermarket chilled foods section.  The final two pages show the recommended amounts of each food group each age group should have each day and many might find it interesting to keep a food diary and track just what goes into their mouths.  They may be surprised!

The author, Emma Martin, is well qualified to write this book and accompanied by charming illustrations which will appeal to the children, it is a refreshing and welcome addition to a topic that has been covered so often already.

Once I Heard a Little Wombat

Once I Heard a Little Wombat

Once I Heard a Little Wombat











Once I Heard a Little Wombat

Renée Treml

Random House, 2015

24pp., board book, RRP $A14.99



Once I heard a sugar glider bump, bump, bump

Riding gentle breezes with each jump, jump, jump.

I called to little glider, “Won’t you stay, stay, stay?’

But little glider went along her way, way, way.

Little kangaroo would love someone to play with but each of the creatures she meets is too busy to stop.  Until little wombat comes stomp, stomp, stomping along.

Based on a traditional nursery rhyme, Renée Treml, the artist behind books like Colour for Curlews and The Great Garden Mystery, has created this delightful rhyming story for the very young which has great appeal.  As well as the rhythm and the rhyme which are so important for tiny tots to hear, her scratchboard illustrations introduce a range of baby Australian animals that will become so familiar to them as they grow older.  Perfect to read to a babe in arms, it also encourages the older child to interact with the text as they scritch and scratch, growl and prowl as each new creature is introduced.

Parents of the very young would love to know about this book so they can add something new to the nightly read-along session, and parents-to-be would love to receive it as part of Baby’s first library.

A peek inside...

A peek inside…