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Milo’s Dog Says Moo

Milo's Dog Says Moo

Milo’s Dog Says Moo










Milo’s Dog Says Moo

Catalina Echeverri

Bloomsbury, 2015

32pp., pbk., RRP $A14.99


It’s Milo’s 7th birthday and at last he is getting the dog that he has waited his whole life for.  Everything is ready – all that remains is to go with his parents to the Waggy Tails Dogs’ Home to choose it.  But mum wants a dog that is small and has a fancy haircut and dad wants one that gives good doggy kisses.  But Milo wants one that is rather large and looks a little different from all the others.  He immediately names him Beans and because it is Milo’s present, his parents agree.

But trouble begins when Milo takes Beans home.  He doesn’t like dog food – he prefers mum’s plants.  He doesn’t know how to sit and isn’t keen on walks.  And he fails at fetching the ball. He doesn’t like other dogs, doesn’t chew on bones and prefers to plat with cats rather than chase them.  And when it comes to barking…. The one thing he is good at is getting big – so big in fact that Milo has to build him an outside house.  Beans is very happy in his outside house but the next morning…

This is a whimsical story about a boy and his dog that is perfect to share with a young reader who will be in stitches because the adults can’t tell the difference between a dog and a calf.  They will love the fact they are smarter than the grown-ups!  They will love the bright, eye-catching pictures that capture all the fun and which will challenge them to find Beans amongst all the other “dogs” in the paddock.

If you’re sharing a first-read, a familiar and a favourite each night, be prepared for this to be in the ‘favourite’ pile very quickly.