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Jack’s Jumper

Jack's Jumper

Jack’s Jumper











Jack’s Jumper

Sara Acton

Walker, 2022

32pp., hbk., RRP $A25.99


Jack’s jumper is special because it can be many things – a den, a hat, a hug – but most of all it is special because it belonged to Jack’s big brother, Paul. Jack wears the jumper every day, but when forced to take it off to have a bath, the cat sees a comfy new bed… Now the jumper is just a ball of wool!  But there are a couple of surprises in store for Jack. 

This is a charming story that many younger readers will relate to having a hand-me-down that is so much more than a parent being responsible and recycling.  Because as well as being so many things to Jack, most of all it is a tangible memory of a brother no longer living at home and which triggers many more memories.  

There are few of us who wouldn’t have a treasured memento of someone dear to us – I have my mum’s silver fern marcasite brooch – that instantly sparks reminders of special times together, and even though they are little, this offers an opportunity for even our youngest readers to share some of theirs.  Maybe, as adults, we need to think twice and ask first before we dispose of things.