The Callers

The Callers

The Callers












The Callers

Kiah Thomas

HarperCollins, 2022

224pp., pbk., RRP $A15.99


In the world of Elipsom, the ability to Call, or summon objects, is a coveted skill. And yet despite being born into a family of Callers – his mother sits on the chief council of Callers – Quin doesn’t have the gift. But appearances are important in Elipsom society and so to please his mother and sister, he sits the tests anyway – and fails. 

But everything changes when instead of summoning an object, Quin makes something disappear. He quickly discovers that the objects Callers bring into their world aren’t conjured at all, but are taken from another land, and another people who have had their lives slowly stolen from them.

Now Quin must team up with Allie, a girl who’s determined to stop this unjust practice, and decide whether he should remain loyal to his family, or betray them-and save the world.

For independent readers who like fantasy combined with a moral dilemma that keeps the story within the realm of the reader – in this case, being torn between family expectations and being true to your own values, as well as the bigger picture of power over” versus “power to” – this is an original concept that is fast-paced, addresses modern issues that have many layers whose depth can be delved depending on the maturity of the reader and thus has appeal for a wide range of readers. It is one of those that leave the reader pondering long after the last page is turned as they begin to view things through a new lens. 

Something different to offer keen readers who like to share their thoughts and opinions. 

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