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Grandude’s Green Submarine

Grandude's Green Submarine

Grandude’s Green Submarine












Grandude’s Green Submarine

Paul McCartney

Kathryn Durst

Puffin, 2021

32pp., hbk., RRP $A24.99


Imagine if the person who gave the world Yellow Submarine was your grandfather and he branched out from music-making to story-writing.

That’s how it is for Lucy, Tom, Bob and Em . Grandad, known to his grandchildren (chillers) as Grandude, lives in a very normal house in a very normal street, but when the four children come to visit they have adventures that are far from normal.

On this hot summer’s day he whisks them into his Inventions Shed which is not only full of unusual cooling devices but also mysterious other creations and a photo of Nandude who loved adventures as much as the children.  And because they miss her, they decide to try to find her – on Grandude’s latest invention – a green submarine.  With that and his magic compass they’re off!

With clever references to Beatles’ history known by those who were fans in the day, and the magical word-craftery that we associate with him, McCartney takes the children and the reader on a magical mystery tour in search of Nandude.  Down into an octopus’s garden and then up following the music…

This is the second book based on Sir Paul McCartney’s own experiences as a grandfather and it celebrates that special relationship that they share. At a time when many remain separated,  it is perfect for reliving the special times they have had as well as dreaming about those to come.  Loved it.