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Egg Marks the Spot -A Skunk and Badger story

Egg Marks the Spot

Egg Marks the Spot











Egg Marks the Spot- A Skunk and Badger story

Amy Timberlake

Jon Klassen

Allen & Unwin, 2021

160pp., hbk., RRP $A22.99


In the first in this series, Skunk and Badger,  Skunk moves in with the solitary rock-loving Badger and both find their lives changed forever as the two navigate a way to live together in harmony.

In this new adventure, they set out on an expedition to find the missing piece of Badger’s alphabetical rock wall – the mysterious A for agate, stolen years ago by Badger’s treasure-hunting cousin, Fisher … “Buried in the heart of every animal is a secret treasure. For rock scientist Badger, it’s the Spider Eye Agate he found as a cub, stolen years ago by his crafty cousin, Fisher. For Badger’s roommate, Skunk, the treasure is Sundays with the New Yak Times Book Review. When an old acquaintance, Mr. G. Hedgehog, announces his plan to come for the Book Review as soon as it thumps on the doorstep, Skunk decides an adventure will solve Badger’s problems as well as his own. Surprisingly, Badger agrees. Together they set off on an agate-finding expedition at Badger’s favourite spot on Endless Lake. But all is not as it seems at Campsite #5. Fisher appears unexpectedly. Then a chicken arrives who seems intent on staying. Something is up! Indeed! Secrets, betrayals, lies … and a luminous, late-Jurassic prize.”

What follows is an engaging read for those who enjoy a good old-fashioned story with no super powers, timeslip or other devices that many modern stories are reliant on.  Yet there is adventure, intrigue, drama, mystery, anticipation and all those core qualities of stories well-told that will capture the imagination, absorb the reader and pass the time in a most pleasant way.  With illustrations, some full-colour plates, and easily accessible text, this is one for independent readers as well as being a good family or class story to share.

Something both wistful and whimsical to delight.