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Stop the Dad Jokes!

Stop the Dad Jokes!

Stop the Dad Jokes!











Stop the Dad Jokes!

Adrian Beck

Simon Greiner

Puffin, 2021

24pp., hbk., RRP $A17.99


It’s Father’s Day in Australia and that means it’s Dad Joke Day – those jokes that are so corny that eyes roll and the country resounds with loud groans.  Even a national television show had a joke-off with jokes like “Did you hear about the fire in the circus? it was in-tents!” and “Did you hear about the drummer who named his twin girls Anna1 and Anna 2?”

But they all pale into obscurity when compared to those in this new book by the co-editor of Total Quack Up and Total Quack Up Again. Dad in his element during a visit to the zoo with a joke for every creature they see – some familiar, some not-so – but all worth the eye roll and the groan as the puns and play on words keep coming.  But who has the last laugh?

Told in clever rhyme this is one that is perfect for lightening the mood at a time when many dads and their children are separated (because you’re always a dad no matter how old you get) or when many dads and children have seen a little too much of each other.  In Australia, at least, Father’s Day 2021 can be renamed Dad Joke Day! 

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