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I’m Ready…

I'm Ready...

I’m Ready…










I’m Ready for Swimming


I’m Ready for My Birthday


Jedda Robaard

Puffin, 2020

14pp., board book., RRP $A12.99

Two new additions to this series of board books for our youngest readers shining a light on familiar events in their lives, and bridging the gap between single-word concept books and the longer narrative of picture books.  Using familiar Australian animals, undertaking familiar activities, little ones can compare what the characters do to their own lives learning valuable concepts about stories and how they entertain as they do, a vital part of early literacy development.

Learning to swim without an adult in the pool with you can be daunting, while having a birthday is generally something to look forward to but both activities are new and exciting so to capture them in a book that talks about what has to be done, the feelings and emotions, and the sense of accomplishment not only validates the child’s feelings but opens up discussions where they can express their concerns.

This series is proving very popular at the local day care centre and I imagine these will be welcome too.