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Alfie the Kind

Alfie the Kind

Alfie the Kind










Alfie the Kind

Richard Harris

Simon Howe

Puffin, 2024

32pp., hbk., RRP $A19.99


Alfie, the Staffordshire bull terrier, wasn’t particularly brave – he liked to chase the galahs but the magpies who stood and stared frightened him – but his family loved him and he loved them.  Together, they had a lot of fun and there were lots of things that Alfie did that brought them (and him) joy. And then, one day at the park, not only does Alfie find his brave but he also realises that there is something else that he is good at…

We first met Alfie, the son of champions but who didn’t feel like one, in Alfie the Brave  and this new chapter is equally delightful and positive reinforcing the message that not everyone has to be a superhero in a cape – there are many ways to be a hero without one.  

Written by Australian anaesthetist Dr Richard ‘Harry’ Harris, a key member of the international cave-diving group who rescued the Wild Boar soccer team in Thailand and 2019 Australian of the Year and accompanied by illustrations that portray Alfie and his feelings so perfectly, this is a charming story that tells our little ones that each of us has our particular strengths that mean so much to those around us. And giving love and joy to others is one way to give ourselves love and joy.

You can find out more of the story behind the story here.