I’d Rather Eat Chocolate

I'd Rather Eat Chocolate

I’d Rather Eat Chocolate











I’d Rather Eat Chocolate

Narelle Wynter

Rebecca Cool

Little Steps, 2023

32pp., pbk., RRP $A16.95


I don’t like veggies,’ I say with a sigh.
‘I’d rather eat chocolate, a cake or French-fry.’

Every day Dad tries to persuade the child to eat their veggies because “they’ll make you grow strong and keep bad colds away” but  such logic doesn’t work when it’s heard over and over again. After the child declares that maybe they will eat meat all the time so they will be like “a lion or wild crocodile”,  dad hits on a more interesting line of persuasion.  Perhaps if the child ate broccoli like goats that jump everywhere, they too could be better at jumping and scoring in their basketball matches.  Or ate mushrooms like bears to get stronger or snow peas like chickens or zucchinis like deer… 

Complete with amusing rhymes, illustrations and even QR codes to find recipes for the various vegetables, this could be one to entice fussy eaters to vary their diet and try new things.  Although, I’m with the kid – I would rather eat chocolate…

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