Here Comes a Merry Christmas




Here Comes a Merry Christmas

Here Comes a Merry Christmas











Here Comes a Merry Christmas

Justine Clarke

Arthur Baysting & Peter Dasent

Heath McKenzie

Puffin, 2023

32pp., hbk., RRP $A19.99


There’s a feeling in the air,
We’ve been waiting all the year…

Heath McKenzie has used his iconic stylised digital illustrations to bring to life this cheerful song about the excitement and anticipation of families on Christmas Eve as preparations are made. for the big day.. There are all the things that we associate with the celebration – Christmas lights, special food, the tree, decorations, traditional songs – all bound together like a tangle of lights in the love, joy and fun shared by the family. and all overseen by a new bright star “like the angel sitting on top of the tree, looking down from above, shining her love”. 

As well as learning the words to the song, little ones will love seeing all those things that are so familiar to their family as much as they are to the book family, but they might like to talk about those things they do, say and eat that are different too.  

One to share after your family night of decorations and preparations. 



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