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Santa’s Trip




Santa's Trip

Santa’s Trip











Santa’s Trip

Mia Cassany

Susie Hammer

Wellbeck, 2022

12pp., board book,  RRP $A14.99


Welcome to the most magical night of the year!
Santa’s house is a hive of activity
As the elves prepare for all the festivity.

Reading the letters is a very big task
Have you been good? Santa will ask.

Santa’s workshop is bursting with toys
All sorts of treasures for girls and for boys.

This is a magical book for young children as it unwraps like a present to form a large mat picture that takes the reader on a journey from Santa’s workshop to their own living room!  Each fold reveals more of the story and builds the anticipation making it something special that they will return to again and again because even without the words they will be able to tell themselves the story.