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Can You Get Rainbows in Space?

Can You Get Rainbows in Space?

Can You Get Rainbows in Space?











Can You Get Rainbows in Space?

Dr Sheila Kumani

Liz Kay

Puffin, 2023

128pp., hbk., RRP $A32.99


Can you get rainbows in space? If you have seen the images coming from Tasmania of the Aurora Australis in the last week , then the answer would seem to be yes.

But what causes these spectacular light shows?  Indeed, what causes all the colours that we see in our world?

This book is a comprehensive introduction to and investigation of the phenomenon of colour and how each of the visible colours of the rainbow is created by light (the most important thing) and waves (not the kind you see at the beach – though you will learn why the sea looks blue!).  Readers find out how some animals are able to glow in the dark and how others change their colours to hide from predators, why leaves change colour in the autumn, why our veins look blue but our blood is red, and how the language we use shapes the colours we see . . .

Using lots of illustrations, the information is presented in easily accessible language so young readers can understand this thing that has such an impact on our lives, not just physically but also emotionally.  Taking each colour in turn, each chapter explores fascinating facts about that colour and then we go beyond the rainbow to explore black and white, infrared and ultraviolet, fluorescence, seeing in the dark and whether there really are rainbows in space.

A fascinating, easy-to-read investigation that will answer so many questions our young scientists have.