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We’re Going to a Birthday Party

We're Going to a Birthday Party

We’re Going to a Birthday Party











We’re Going to a Birthday Party

Martha Mumford

Cherie Zamazing

Bloomsbury, 2023

24pp., pbk., RRP $A16.99


We’re going to a birthday party!
Come and join the fun!

Throughout the year there is not much that is more exciting for a little one than having or going to a birthday party, and in this new release, the bunnies  are gathering their friends together for the birthday party of a lifetime. But there is plenty to do in preparation and young readers will delight in lifting the flaps to help the bunnies find the essentials – perhaps, before they read, they might even make a list of the things they associate with birthday parties so they can check it off as they read and make sure the bunnies don’t miss anything.  

The familiar characters, the  rhythm of the rhyme and the excitement of lifting the flaps to discover what’s hidden underneath will make this a fun read, the perfect introduction to learning about why we have birthdays, building context-specific vocabulary, learning the sequence of the months and discovering when each other’s birthday is and graphing the information.  Riches indeed!