What’s Inside Me?

What's Inside Me?

What’s Inside Me?









What’s Inside Me?

Katie Daynes

Marta Alvates Miguens

Usborne, 2022

board book., 12pp., RRP $A19.99


What gives me shape? How do I move? What’s blood for? And where does my food go?  Young readers can explore how their  body works through the young eyes of a curious child in this new addition to the Lift-the -Flap series by Usborne. They will enjoy discovering all sorts of interesting things about their bodies as they lift the flaps to see what’s hidden and discover a no-nonsense approach that treats their intelligence and curiosity with respect.  

Author Katie Daynes has a magical touch in explaining complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms such as What is a Virus? and  Where Does Poo Go? that not only exemplifies the inquiry approach based on the questions kids want answered but takes the subject seriously so those questions are answered in her no-fuss, matter of fact style.  This is no exception and even “taboo” topics are broached showing that normal, essential bodily functions are just that. . 

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