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There’s No Such Thing

There's No Such Thing

There’s No Such Thing










There’s No Such Thing

Heidi McKinnon

Allen & Unwin, 2020

32pp., hbk., RRP $A19.99


It’s night time and Bear and Ted are camping in the yard for the very first time.  But the sounds of night falling are keeping Bear awake and his imagination is on high alert.  From blood-sucking spiders, to hungry giants, and fire-breathing dragons, the dark is populated by amazing monsters,.  Luckily, he has Ted there to help him stay calm.  But when they both smell something….

From the creator of the delightful Baz and Benz and I Just Ate My Friend, this is another story that will appeal to our youngest readers because they can be the hero and reassure Bear that there is no such thing, but, at the same time, being reassured by Ted that there is no such thing.   Whatever their imagination might think, there is a logical explanation.  Or is there????