The Bear in our Backyard

The Bear in our Backyard

The Bear in our Backyard









The Bear in our Backyard

Emma Middleton

Briony Stewart

Affirm Press, 2018

32pp., hbk., RRP $A24.99


Mum says, “Tom and Tilly if you go outside and play, don’t make too much noise in case your bear is there today.”

As they go out, they find large muddy footprints that lead to the treehouse,  where the bear might be sleeping!  Preparing a nice sugary sweet snack to entice the bear to wake, as they go up the stairs to share it, they drop it.  The bear is awake…  Playing lots of games and having lots of fun, the children and the bear spend a precious afternoon together, sharing dinner and then “Bear” has to leave.

With Mother’s Day on the horizon this is a charming book that celebrates the relationship between mothers and their children, one that goes beyond the dull, dreary routines that have to be done and explores those special times when the only focus is fun. Young readers will like sharing their special mum-moments while perhaps thinking about how they can help mum with the dull and dreary so she has more time for making memories with them.

A companion to The Lion in Our Living Room, this is one to share whenever the focus is on families.




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