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My Little Star

My Little Star

My Little Star









My Little Star

Mark Sperring

Nicola O‘Byrne

Bloomsbury. 2014

Pbk., RRP $A15.99



“When the day is done and sleeps draws near

When the moon’s aglow and stars appear

I’ll whisper something crystal clear-

Words just meant for you hear”.

Mem Fox once said that the bedtime story routine is like “drawing the curtains on the day” and this lovely lullaby-esque is the perfect story to finish off and share a kiss goodnight.  With soft, gentle illustrations, animal mothers look up and share their love with their babies.  Lions, giraffes, koalas, even penguins show that the bond between mother and child is deep, enduring and unbreakable.  It could start a chat about the individual and personal routines the children follow – is an on-the-knees prayer still part of it? – as well as being a perfect starter for focusing on Mothers Day and what our mums do for us.

Little ones will love this and will want to make it part of their go-to-sleep ritual every night.

A peek inside...

A peek inside…