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Looking for Rex

Looking for Rex

Looking for Rex









Looking for Rex

Jan Ormerod

Carol Thompson

Hbk.,  RRP $A24.95


Gramps now lives on his own, and mum thinks he should have a cat for company.  But cats make Gramps feel grumpy and itchy.  Dad thinks gramps should get out more – perhaps go ballroom dancing again – but Gramps knows that would make him miss Granny rose even more.  But the children have another solution – they think Gramps should have a dog although whether it is for him or them is questionable!

But Gramps agrees on so the hunt for Rex begins.  But it is one thing to agree to getting a dog; quite another to find one that suits. All week they look, even on the weekend but nothing is just right. Will there ever be just the right one for Gramps?  Will he still be as enthusiastic as he was at the beginning of the search?

The combination of Ormerod and Thompson have produced a heart-warming picture book that tells about anticipation and compromise, and shows us that there is much to be considered about getting a pet – that cute little puppy may grown up to be more than is expected!  Miss 6 loved it and now understands why she can’t have a puppy just now because it would be unfair to the puppy. Santa will pop something else into her sack this year, at least.

Warm, loving stories about families and pets are always popular with our younger clients, so this one is perfect for hooking them on reading early in the year.


A peek inside...

A peek inside…