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Little Piggy’s Got No Moves







Little Piggy’s Got No Moves

Phillip Gwynne & Eliza McCann

Tom Jellett

Little Hare 2013

hbk, RRP $A24.95


Little Piggy has a ticket to the school disco, but he’s somewhat disconsolate because he can’t dance.  “Monkey can do the moonwalk, Snake does the snorkel” but what can a pig do?  And his lack of confidence does not improve when Daddy Piggy and Mummy Piggy tell him “Us piggies, we’ve got no moves.”  And even moreso when Grandma and Grandpa say the same thing.  AND Brother and Sister Piggy!  Reluctantly he goes to the disco and stands on the sidelines looking.  Even when his friends urge him to join in, he’s convinced that “Us piggies, we’ve got no moves.” 

But then something begins to happen … and it’s a very different Little Piggy who goes home!

 Husband and wife team Phillip Gwynne and Eliza McCann have taken a most common situation – the school disco and an inhibition about dancing in public – and turned it into an utterly engaging story, in the way that only the best can do.  This book has all the elements that make the perfect children’s story – there is a storyline that all can relate to, engaging characters, rhythm that moves the text along, a catchphrase that the listeners will love joining in with, and a satisfying ending that gives a warm fuzzy feeling.  All that, and it’s accompanied by vibrant, intriguing pictures that should evoke lots of discussion, particularly those on the double spreads with no text.  And then to top it off, you just have to put on some music to dance to so the children can show THEIR moves!!!

A perfect read-aloud that will tell children that books are best friends and there is a lot of fun to be had in the school library! A foundation to build on.


A peek inside...

A peek inside…