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Our Home on Wheels: A Big Trip Around Australia

Jessica and Stephen Parry-Valentine

Ashlee Spink

Puffin, 2022

32pp., hbk., RRP $A19.99


As holidays loom and many children look forward to days, if not weeks, spent in family caravans, imagine if this were their way of life for months, waking up in a new place almost every morning.

Hunter’s parents have decided that the family is going to do the quintessential round-Australia trip and this is her perspective of that journey as she discovers  beaches and billabongs, paddocks and plains, forests and dugouts, and even underwater worlds on the big adventure.  Visiting iconic sites such as the Twelve Apostles, the Great Barrier Reef and crossing the Nullarbor this is an introduction to some of Australia’s most well-known tourist attractions, offering young readers not only the opportunity to explore them with Hunter but also helping them understand there is a lot more to this country than their immediate neighbourhood. They could share and map the places they have been to already and if living in a caravan or camping is part of their experiences, share their own adventures too. 



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