Where’s My Christmas Tree?





Where's My Christmas Tree?

Where’s My Christmas Tree?











Where’s My Christmas Tree?

Bob Holt

Worthy Kids. 2022

12pp., board book, RRP $A12.99


It’s almost Christmas time and Little Penguin is stumped when Narwhal asks if he has his Christmas tree yet.  For not only are there no trees in the cold Antarctic where Little Penguin lives, but there are no forests to find one either.  What is he to do?  Luckily, Seagull and his friends have an answer.

This is a charming board book for our youngest readers who can not only learn a little about the frozen parts of this planet but also think how, in such an environment, Little Penguin’s problem can be solved. With its unique storyline and bold pictures this is one they will be able to read to themselves over and over. 


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