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The Big Book of Exhibits

The Big Book of Exhibits

The Big Book of Exhibits











The Big Book of Exhibits

Marita Bullock

Joan-Maree Hargraves

Liz Rowland

Lothian Children’s, 2022

56pp., hbk., RRP $A29.99


For centuries people have discovered or made  all sorts of things that have provoked awe, wonder and curiosity amongst those who have seen them displayed in various places around the world, and in this somewhat unique book many of these exhibits and their stories are shared with curious young readers.  

Whether they’re dinosaur discoveries, microminiature sculptures that can fit in the eye of a needle, space debris or the world’s largest quilt that is still growing, this is a collection of objects brought together in a curiosity cabinet that spans time and place as well as history, art, archaeology, technology, craft, medicine and more.  Each page offers a new wonder that is awe-inspiring in itself but which could also send the reader on a trail to discover more. 

Although the font is small, the text itself is quite accessible to the independent reader and it is surrounded by lots of hand-drawn illustrations to whet the imagination. The contents page  offers the reader the opportunity to dip[ and delve into the collection that fascinates them – more than 50 – whether that be the Disgusting Food Museum in Sweden, the Dog Collar Museum in England or the more sinister Stasi Museum in Berlin.

A companion to The Big Book of Festivals, this is one for those who prefer non fiction and are looking to expand their knowledge of the quirky and unique.