I Don’t Want to be Small

I Don't Want to be Small

I Don’t Want to be Small









I Don’t Want to be Small

Laura Ellen Anderson

Bloomsbury, 2019

32pp., pbk., RRP $A14.99


Being small is a pain.  Having to stand on tiptoes in crowds; missing out on rides at theme parks;  wearing hand-me-downs that are too big – it’s just so unfair!  And it makes him so angry that he throws his teddy in disgust and it lands in a tree – too high for him to reach to get it down again. And no matter what he tries – stilts, sticks, even a rope made of socks – he is too small to reach it.  What can he do? 

This is a charming story that many young readers will relate to – just being a little bit shorter than your friends can be so frustrating and means you always have to sit in the front row in class photos!  Told in rhyme and accompanied by delightful illustrations that are so expressive, this is a story about feeling frustrated, seeking solutions and finding friendships in unlikely situations. Take it from one who knows, eating your greens does not make you grow tall – that’s just a mother-myth to trick you!

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