Santa’s High-Tech Christmas

Santa's High-Tech Christmas

Santa’s High-Tech Christmas










Santa’s High-Tech Christmas

Mike Dumbleton

Angela Perrini

New Frontier, 2018 

32pp., hbk., RRP $A24.99


Santa has come into the 21st century in this hilarious story-in-rhyme from Mike Dumbleton.  No more making a list and checking it twice – as the presents are loaded he scans them on his techno-pad; parking is easier in his new-look sleigh and a rocket -pack gets him into high-rise buildings so quickly.  

But things start to go wrong when he drops his techno-pad and it no longer works.  Thank goodness Jasmin is there to help and she gets it going again.  But that’s not the end of his troubles…

With today’s young Santa-believers so used to and comfortable in their world of tap-a-screen, this is the perfect book to help them keep the faith.  Just this week Miss 7 was mixing the magic with her science and told me that Santa must have turbo-boosters on his sleigh to accomplish what he does in one night, and that the front reindeer would have tiny ones in their hooves so they didn’t plummet to the ground!!!  And of course, I agreed with her.  There’s always room for old and new ideas!

One to share just for the sheer joy of it .

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