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Penguin’s Christmas Wish






Penguin's Christmas Wish

Penguin’s Christmas Wish










Penguin’s Christmas Wish

Salina Yoon

Bloomsbury, 2016

40pp., hbk., RRP $A22.99


Pumpkin really wanted a Christmas tree this Christmas but there are no trees on the ice where penguins live.  But Penguin had an idea and after loading up the sled and going on a long journey with little brother Pumpkin, his friend Bootsy and Grandpa, they found themselves in the middle of a forest where Pinecone had grown into a magnificent tree.  The penguins decorated Pinecone with all the trimmings they had brought on the sled and it was so beautiful that Penguin wanted to share it with everyone.


That night a storm blew up and a blizzard shrouded the tree and the landscape.  In the morning there was nothing to be seen. Penguin is very sad but Grandpa tells him Christmas is about love not presents and decorations.  So Penguin goes off into the snow and shares what he has learned. And when the snow begins to melt, he finds that wishes do come true. 

The sixth in this series about Penguin, this is a charming story for young readers about family and friendship and sharing and finding magic in unexpected places.  The simple shapes, bold colours, and thick, black outlines that are distinctive of Yoon’s illustrations will appeal to young readers in their simplicity, and while the penguins all look the same she has given each a distinctive feature so littlies can distinguish them and know who’s who. And Penguin’s ingenious Christmas presents will help them understand that gifts don’t have to come in rich wrapping and cost a lot of money.  Perhaps they will use their imaginations and give those they love some really personal, unique gifts too.