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There is Something Weird in Santa’s Beard






There is Something Weird in Santa's Beard

There is Something Weird in Santa’s Beard










There is Something Weird in Santa’s Beard

Chrissie Krebs

Random House Australia, 2016

32pp., hbk., RRP $A19.99


Santa has a sweet tooth,

he loves bits of cake

He’s glad to sample any treat

that Mrs Claus will bake.

So it’s no wonder that he gobbles up all the sweet treats that are left for him as he makes his way around the homes on that special night of  the year.  Biscuits, fruit mince pies, soft drink, crisps, candy canes, bubble gum – he enjoys them all.  But when he finally gets home he is so tired that he goes to sleep without having a bath or brushing his teeth, and because it has been such an exhausting journey he sleeps for days and weeks and months!  And when he finally does wake up there is a nasty strange beast growing in his beard – one that defies all Santa’s methods for getting rid of it until the reindeer have an idea…

This is a funny, clever story-in-rhyme that will appeal to children who like the fact that gross and dirty things can shock adults and make them shudder as their imaginations run wild.  And if it can happen to Santa because he is too tired/lazy/not interested in having a wash then…

A new title by an upcoming author from Victoria that will fit into your Christmas Countdown well.