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Lulu Bell (series)

Lulu Bell

Lulu Bell








Lulu Bell and the Pirate Fun


Lulu Bell and the Magical Garden


Belinda Murrell

Serena Geddes

Random House, 2015

pbk., 84pp., RRP $A9.95


There was great excitement in my house last weekend, excitement I’d been anticipating and waiting for.  Because at last Miss Just-9 came to stay and I knew she would be thrilled to find the latest two additions to the Lulu Bell series waiting for her to read.  Neither of us was disappointed.  Immediately she buried her nose in Lulu Bell and the Magical Garden, ignoring the bitter winds that promised snow but didn’t deliver and she enjoyed it as much as I knew she would.  Then her bedtime read was Lulu Bell and the Pirate Fun with special permission to keep her light on until it was finished. I also know another young lady who is obsessed with creatures of all kinds who is entranced by the series.  You can read about her response at Just So Stories

Belinda Murrell has hit a winner for this age group with this series as titles are read and re-read and new ones welcomed warmly.  I just bought the entire series for a school library and it is so popular already!  Based on her own experience of growing up as the daughter of a vet, Murrell has created a lovable practical character who often puts her sensible head on to solve problems that the audience can relate to and put themselves into Lulu’s shoes.  In Lulu Bell and the Magical Garden the school garden is ruined by a summer storm and she comes up with an idea to restore it.  In Lulu Bell and the Pirate Fun it’s her young brother’s birthday and Gus has been wanting a pirate party forever.  But it won’t stop raining and everywhere underfoot is muddy and sloshy, so where to build the pirate ship? There is always a dramatic twist in the story that of curse revolves around an animal and its well-being and these are no different, adding yet another layer to a well-told tale. 

If your newly independent readers haven’t met Lulu Bell and her family yet, then there is a treat in store.  You can find all the titles on the publisher’s website  and if you search this blog for “Murrell” you will find reviews of others in the series.  A must-have on the library shelves, in my opinion.