Wombat Divine

Wombat Divine

Wombat Divine











Wombat Divine

Mem Fox

Kerry Argent

Omnibus, 1996

pbk., 30pp



For as long as he could remember, Wombat wanted to be in the Nativity play at Christmas.  Now, at last he was old enough and so he hurried off to the auditions.  But getting a part was not easy.  He was too heavy to be the Archangel Gabriel.  He was too big to be Mary and too short to be a king.   Perhaps he could be Joseph.  But that didn’t work either and neither did being the innkeeper or one of the shepherds.  Soon there were no parts left and Wombat didn’t have any of them.  Then, suddenly, Bilby has an idea…

Wombat Divine is one of Australia’s most-loved Christmas stories written by one of Australia’s most-loved authors for little people.  Mem Fox’s words always have a magic about them and this story is no different.  As you read it to yourself, you can hear yourself reading it aloud – the true indicator of a master writer at work.  Superb illustrations by Kerry Argent capture the action perfectly with just a touch of humour so that we can empathise with Wombat but you just know something will work itself out.

This is such an iconic Australian story that every child should know it as an integral part of their growing up. It was the first in the pile that I sent to a family in Wales as part of a special Australian Christmas collection.

A peek inside...

A peek inside…

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