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How Santa Lost His Job


How Santa Lost His Job

How Santa Lost His Job










How Santa Lost His Job

Stephen Krensky

S. D. Schindler

Simon & Schuster, 2001



There was always much for Santa to do each year before Santa made his big ride. He checked the weather, reviewed some maps, trimmed his beard, polished his boots, fed the reindeer and packed the sleigh. But even though he moved as fast as he could, there was always a last minute rush and this made some of the elves cranky.

“Why can’t Santa plan better?”

“How come he’s so slow?”

It all got too much for Muckle who thought Santa was too set in his ways and wasted too much time and energy.  So he sets about changing it, getting mysterious packages delivered and working in his locked workshop for months.  The result becomes a contest between the new and the old and while Santa shows there is more to his job than speed, nevertheless he has to agree to five this new solution a go. But…

This is the companion to How Santa Got His Job and it is just as enchanting.  Younger readers love it  and every adult who has ever made a phone call requiring them to “select from these options” or “Sorry, I didn’t catch that, Please repeat it” will empathise.