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Min Flyte

Rosalind Beardshaw

Nosy Crow, 2105

20pp., hbk., RRP $A19.99



Thomas has a box and so does Alice.  Her box is bigger that Thomas’s but it is not as big as Sam’s and Nancy has the biggest box of all.  And there are five more boxes inside that one! My goodness.  What could be inside them? 

Very young children will delight in predicting what might be in each box and then lifting the flaps to find out.  But the greatest fun comes when, like most littlies, the friends find the boxes more intriguing than their contents.  What might they nake with them?  Well, with some imagination they could…

Such a simple concept such, a delightful story that will keep children engaged as they predict and confirm, use their imaginations and explore flaps and fold-outs and double page spreads. There is even a net for them to make their own teeny, tiny box to start their own collection and plenty of suggestions in Rosalind’s Beardshaw’s pictures for what can be done with them.

Perfect for the preschool brigade.