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Herman’s Holiday

Herman's Holiday

Herman’s Holiday











Herman’s Holiday

Tom Percival

Bloomsbury, 2015

32pp., pbk., RRP $A14.99


It’s summer and holidays are approaching.  Best friends Herman Bear and Henry Raccoon are really looking forward to going away for a few days but all the brochures they’re looking at are from places that are just too expensive.  Herman is so upset that his friend Henry is upset at the thought of having to stay home that he decides to organise a holiday they can afford.  Going camping – because everyone loves camping, don’t they?  Well perhaps everyone except Henry who is more of the glamping sort.  While Herman loves the adventure and finds things easy, Henry is not so enamoured and their postcards home give two very different perspectives.  When Herman realises that Henry is not having the time of his life, he decides to do something about it – and the result is a holiday that makes both of them happy.

This sequel to Herman’s Letter continues not only the friendship these two creatures enjoy but also the interactivity with the lift-the-flap postcards that will add intrigue for younger readers. With so many Australian children enjoying a camping adventure for their summer break, this story will appeal to them because they will relate to it so well.  Putting up a tent isn’t so easy for some and tears can be closer than laughter and who hasn’t wondered what it is that is going bump in the night.

Just in time to share with young readers as term draws to a close and to allay fears for those embarking on a camping adventure for the first time, this charming colourful tale from the creator of Bubble Trouble is perfect for a summertime read, one that will evoke both memories and anticipation.