The Slightly Annoying Blue Elephant

The Slightly Annoying Elephan

The Slightly Annoying Elephant









The Slightly Annoying Blue Elephant

David Walliams

Tony Ross

Harper Collins, 2015

hbk., 32pp., RRP $A24.99


One day, without really thinking about it, Sam filled out one of those “Adopt and Animal” forms that are available from zoos.  So you can imagine his surprise when he answers the door to find not his mum, not a friend, not the postman but … a very large blue elephant who has come to make its home with Sam. A big, blue bossy elephant that has Sam flummoxed and frustrated trying to meet its demands. A bath, food, an exercise bike… So when there is another knock on the door, Sam hurtles to answer it and welcome his mum back from the shops but…

Full of the quirky humour that is Walliams and accompanied by the masterful illustrations of Tony Ross, this is a laugh out loud book that will have children of all ages enchanted and wanting to hear it over and over.  The ending is very quirky with a lesson to be learned and opens up a discussion about what Sam will do next. My students were totally engrossed in it, joining in and thoroughly enjoying themselves. 

This is the first picture book by David Walliams and while the theme of a wild animal turning up unexpectedly to make its home with a child is not new, Walliams brings a fresh approach that ensures this book will be a winner.

A peek inside...

A peek inside…

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