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Squishy McFluff, the Invisible Cat: Supermarket Sweep

Squishy McFluff, The Invisible Cat: Supermarket Sweep

Squishy McFluff, The Invisible Cat: Supermarket Sweep











Squishy McFluff, the Invisible Cat: Supermarket Sweep

Pip Jones

Ellie Okstad

Faber and Faber, 2014

pbk, 80pp., RRP $A11.99



Squishy McFluff is so sweet, you’ll be smitten.
Such a clever and funny invisible kitten!

Imagine the fun of having a cat that only you can see, especially when it is really good at inventing great things to do like playing hide-and-seek at which he is world champion.  This is Ava’s luck.   She has a big imagination and is happiest when she’s playing with her cat, even though it can lead to trouble.  Which is exactly what happens in this adventure at the supermarket.

Beginning with creating havoc as soon as they get in the car which only an over-worked mechanic can fix, this story-in-rhyme tells a tale of mayhem and disaster about what really should be the most mundane of chores.  Much preferring to be out in the forest digging for treasure and searching for elves than looking for pickles and pastries on shelves, Squishy devises a plot that involves a race with a supermarket trolley…

Young children will love this new series from this English author as it holds many laughs and just a little bit of naughty.  Ella Okstad’s limited-palette illustrations are charming, capturing the essence of the text perfectly.

As with many new series, there’s a website with extra information and more fun and games at

This is something a little bit different to offer those just getting started on their independent reading journey who need a bit of support through short chapters, larger font and uncomplicated vocabulary – I think they will be eagerly awaiting the next adventure.