Claire Saxby

Tom Jellett

Random House Australia, 2013

hbk., RRP $A19.95


9781742756523 (ebook)


“Our dog is not a work dog, a round-’em-bring’-em-home dog. Our dog is a SEA DOG. A run-and-scatter-gulls dog.”  So begins the most delightful little story about a most unusual dog that is not like any other dog in any way, except for one thing… 

With language that just drips off the tongue in delightful phrases, so much so that it was the winner of the Best Book for Young Children 2013 from Speech Pathology Australia, this is a great story for the very young that just begs to be read aloud, joined in with and acted out.  Everyone who has ever had a dog will relate to it, and the humour in the text and illustrations will resonate with every dog lover.  You can hear yourself reading it aloud and see the children engaging with you.

And just in case you’re wondering, my dog is not a round-’em-bring’-em-home dog either.  Nor is she a Sea Dog.  She’s a sook dog, a chased-by-the-chooks dog, but, just like Sea Dog, there is one thing that she shares in common with all the other dogs in this story…

Loved it!

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