Dasher Can’t Wait for Christmas




Dasher Can't Wait for Christmas

Dasher Can’t Wait for Christmas











Dasher Can’t Wait for Christmas

Matt Tavares

Walker Books, 2023

40pp., hbk., RRP $A27.99


Ever since Dasher left the travelling circus and went to live with Santa at the North Pole, Christmas has been her favourite time of the year.  Impatiently she waits for the big night to come, counting down the sleeps, but one night, when she hears the sound of Christmas carols she can wait no longer and she takes off on her own.  I’ll be back before they even know I’m gone,” she says with confidence before flying off.

Knowing that the North Star will always guide her home she is not afraid, but when the clouds build and it starts to snow, she loses the sound of the music and the sight of the star and before she knows it she is lost, hungry and tired. Until she sees a little house with a tree covered in lights in the garden…

Young readers will be familiar with the legend of Santa’s sleigh being pulled by magical reindeer. and may even be able to recite their names first given to them by Clement C. Moore. In the original story, they learn the backstory of these creatures and how they came to be Santa’s helpers, and this is a delightful sequel.  The digital illustrations that feature all that you would expect of a northern hemisphere Christmas scene have a lifelike feel to them adding to the magic and consolidating it for just a little bit longer.. 


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