The Yawn Book

The Yawn Book

The Yawn Book


The Yawn Book

Diana Kim

HarperCollins, 2023

32pp., hbk., RRP $A34.99


Yawning: Everyone does it. But no one knows why. The one thing for certain about this book is that you will yawn while it is being read.  

Scientists have studied when we yawn – it starts at about 12-14 weeks in the womb –  and how often but they still don’t know why.  Is it because our brains need extra oxygen, or because we are changing from one state of mind to another, or because it cools the brain by bringing cold air into our bodies?  And why is the act so contagious? 

While the big question remains unanswered despite the brightest minds trying, there are many other questions that are explored and explained in this fascinating non fiction book for young readers which combines accessible text with appealing artwork.  Did you know that mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish yawn but insects don’t? What’s the common element between those creatures that do? Does that has something to do with it?  Maybe it will be a reader who discovers the answer! 

It is books like these that provide the strongest evidence and justification for having a robust print non fiction collection in the primary school library at least.  It even has a formal ‘sources cited’ bibliography for further exploration, although none of those would be in a school library – the author has done the research and distilled the information into child-friendly language and explanation.  

One to pair with Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book for some fun-filled fact-finding!

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