One Day

One Day

One Day











One Day

Joanna Ho

Faith Pray

HarperCollins, 2023

40pp., hbk., RRP $A24.99


One day,

your hair will tumble across your head

as you embark on adventures

Life will pull tears that

Roll like rivers over your cheeks

Let them roll, sweet boy

Softness is a sign of strength

In this new release from the author of Eyes the Kiss in the Corners and Eyes that Speak to the Stars , a mother shares her hopes and dreams for her young child and her faith that he is destined for extraordinary things as he grows. Described by Kirkus as an affirming and enchanting love letter from parent to child” it focuses on qualities the child will demonstrate such as curiosity, courage and kindness rather than the materialistic things of a big house, good job and flash car that many might think are a parent’s wishes, perhaps sparking a philosophical discussion about the most important things in life – and even how the perception of these changes as we mature. All a parent wants is a “healthy baby” while all a grandparent wants is “good health.”  

One to share with new or soon-to-be parents.  


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