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Minecraft Stonesword Saga (Series)

Minecraft Stonesword Saga Series

Minecraft Stonesword Saga Series

Minecraft Stonesword Saga Series

Mojang AB

HarperCollins, 2023

144pp., pbk., RRP $A15.99


Someone–or something–has turned the Evoker King to stone. And now a new player, Theo, has joined the team on their quest to return their former enemy to normal. But  and elements of his code have turned into new and terrible bosses that threaten the digital world of Minecraft

Those who are fans of this popular video game will know much more about the characters and plot of this series than I, and so perhaps the fairest review would come from one of them including a recommendation of whether it is one for your library’s collection.  Flagged as being for the 8+ reader and with all the hallmarks of a junior novel that supports the emerging independent reader, it is perhaps one to offer to capture those who are captured by the screen game to entice them to the depths of plot and character offered by print, as well as the ability to share and discuss the same adventure with friends over time.