We’re Going on a Present Hunt






We're Going on a Present Hunt

We’re Going on a Present Hunt











We’re Going on a Present Hunt

Goldie Hawk

Angie Rozelaar

Nosy Crow, 2022

32pp., pbk. RRP $A14.99


 Three children are off on a hunt for the perfect Christmas present! But first they’ve got to get through the spiky Christmas trees, a herd of hungry reindeer, some noisy carol singers and a very busy toyshop! But there are SO MANY toys . . . will they ever find the perfect present?

Set to the familiar rhyme of  We’re Going on a Bear Hunt young children will delight in reading along with this story and it’s quirky ending – there’s definitely a bear!  The colourful illustrations will attract their attention and then discovering that they can read it already will help them believe that they too, can be “real readers”.  Not to mention getting them to think about what if this were and Australian story – what would change and what would they substitute. 

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